I love Creating Special Moments for my Clients that I know will be treasured for years to come, event planning is my passion and I will enjoy it till breath leaves my lips"

  Meet "Fe"                                                       



After graduating from Georgia State University with a degree in Political Science, Mercedes moved back to Trinidad to pursue a job in politics and complete her law degree. Within weeks of returning home she was offered a job working as the Personal Paralegal/Assistant to the Attorney General of her Country. During her 7 years in the Govenmental Position, she was sent to do an Event Management Course by the Ministry and it was then that she realized she could no longer stay there, she knew she found her place, so she started planning and decorating for her Ministry and soon all the Ministries and Governmental Officials personal homes. It was not too long after that she migrated back to Atlanta and Fantabulous Echoes was born and her husband nicknamed her "Fe" because all her events were being called "Fantabulous" and months after they seemed to have left an Echo. 


With almost 15 years in the event planning industry she has built relationships with top notch professionals around the world who have come to know her as an all Caribbean celebrity wedding and party planner, event whisperer, event philanthraphist, socialite and female motivational speaker.


Her passion can be seen transending through all of her team, as she strongly believes her events team is only as good as its weakest link.